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Stand out IN RED

Should you wear red to work? The colors we wear do have an impact on how we feel and how people perceive us. In business, red is the color of action, leadership and determination but it can also be perceived as too dominating. I'm wearing this red pencil dress on National Equal Pay Day as a reminder that this is how far in the year, we have to work to earn the same as men did in the previous year.

Business women in a stree wearing a red pencil dress with black leather accessoires.
Red Roland Mouret pencil dress paired with classic black leather accessoires.

I love the peplum detail that runs from the waist to the knees. The hem length is also perfectly appropriate to wear to work. Personally I found three quarter sleeves the most flattering for any silhouette. They draw the attention towards the thinner part of your body, your waist. They are practical and leave space for your watch and/or bracelet to stand out.

Woman in a red pencil dress walking in the street

I also love the subtle slit that doesn't run too high and makes it still appropriate to wear to the office. I paired the dress with a classic black belt, leather pumps and my Chloé bag.

Woman wearing a red pencil dress turning her back

The back of the dress has the signature Roland Mouret golden Zip. I must admit that I thought that it would be a bit too daring to wear to the office but I wanted to make a statement on #equalpayday. If you want to stand out, red is definitely the color to wear. But I would not advise to wear red to a sensitive meeting or negotiations as it can be perceived as too dominating and ruthless.

Would you wear red to work?

Outfit details:

DRESS: The Ardingly dress from Roland Mouret | BELT: Black leaher belt from Gucci | SHOES: Black leather pump from Stuart Weitzman | BAG: Black Marcie bag from Chloé | SUNGLASSES: Oversize cat eye acetate sunglasses in dark toirtoiseshell from Gucci.

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