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Meet Veronica: The salmon dancer

Updated: May 24, 2020

We are surrounded by many extraordinary women whose stories need to be told and shared with the world. Women that make a positive impact in the lives of others with their kindness, wit and compassion. Women that show perseverance, patience and willpower, attributes that we all need in life to succeed. Let's meet Veronica a young professional who works in Marketing and Communication at KPMG Belgium. Despite her young age, she’s extremely mature, down to earth and well-headed. What I admire the most is her kindness, her natural elegance and uplifting spirit. #InnaeWomen

What to wear to an interview

What are you passionate about in life?

I was a ballet dancer, and my mother is an artist. I have grown up surrounded by art and creations and these bring me immense passion in life. I find passion in observing wool craftsmanship in a small mountainous farm in Portugal, and dining in a friend’s garden of the French countryside. I have actually found myself tearing up experiencing in some of these moments. Because they are all creations of stories that I admire and that I am ever seeking. The stories become part of mine and they influence my own creations. This cycle is my passion and I am excited to see where it takes me in life.

What are your career aspirations?

I have long term and short term career aspirations. The long term are numerous and non-concrete - these are my dreams and I have many of them. The only question is which ones will I undertake when I am ready. My short term career aspirations are very different. They are concrete actions I take to grow myself as an individual and as a professional. Every opportunity I get to better and challenge myself professionally in terms of competencies and interpersonal interaction - I welcome with open arms. I look at this as necessary preparation toward my goals of opening the small independent business that I will in the next five years, set my mind to.

Who are your role models?

My role models in life are professionals who embody kindness and authenticity. People who cherish the path that have got them to there and who walk with a mild dose of humility.

I worked for Giorgio Armani in Paris and in Cannes upon graduation from my masters in Luxury Management. I learned about his story and stories like his - people who at 40 years old upturned the life they knew and built masterpieces of empires by knowing their trade and living their dreams. I read a recent story about a man who moved his family to a small town in Norway with few available jobs. He chose to take a one year course in suit making. At the end, he opened his shop and has since become a phenomenon. He is my role model. Among the many others who inspire me to follow my dreams.

What is the biggest challenge you’ve encountered in your career so far?

The biggest challenge in my career so far is adapting and understanding the next cultures in which I work. Understanding how to manage the expectations of my peers and superiors when I think as a dreamer - with endless ideas and not enough time to see them through.

Balancing priorities and mundane tasks with conceptual projects that take the time, but that are difficult to set time aside for.

How important is it for you to dress for success?

When I was an athlete - I dressed in a way that boosted my performance and held my confidence high. Because even if clothing made no technical difference - we did everything we could to feel our best in those moments. It is no different in the professional space.

Dressing well gives me a push to succeed, to speak with confidence and gain respect from my peers before I make a mark with my work. Again, how you look contributes to the story people create of you and more importantly - the story you create of yourself, for yourself.

How would you describe your style?

I describe my way of wearing as an eye for style without the script of trends. I am influenced by my experiences - from the most classic east coast Jackie-O inspired dressing, to the effortless French style of dressing, and to the most recent influence of the many incredible Flemish designers.

Where do you buy your clothes and what are your favorite brands?

Well my favourite brands I typically don't buy :D like Natan or Weill so I need to be a little creative in my buying at this point in my career, which makes it interesting. I find pieces at 123, Caroll and Aritzia for the more investment pieces and for the basics to accompany those investment pieces I find at stores like Massimo Dutti and many times even second hand. I find second hand (@vestiarecollective, @videdressing) more qualitative in the winter when you can find beautiful wool skirts from decades ago - still looking like new.

What piece of career advice would I give to any women?

My advice for any women is to be yourself, learn to truly cherish yourself and embrace your femininity in all its beauty. :)

Outfit details:

TOP: Navy blue knitwear top from 123 | PANTS: Wide-leg culotte fit checked from Massimo Dutti (on sale right now!) | SHOES: Black leather pumps from Repetto.

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