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Best Interview Outfit

Updated: May 24, 2020

What to wear to an interview in a corporate environment?

The interview is your chance to shine and convince your future employer that you’re the one and only. Although your personality, experience and skills are first in line, the way you present yourself will also influence the image and perception people have of you. Think of it as a package deal, you need both, content and packaging, to increase your chances to success.

What to wear to an interview

Perfect interview attire

So, what does the perfect interview attire look like? Your outfit should be professional, appropriate and polished. It should radiate the confidence and the determination you need to overcome any challenges. In my opinion the best 3 options for a woman when it comes to choosing the right outfit for an interview are: a statement dress, a skirt suit or a pantsuit.

The statement dress

This is the perfect alternative to a skirt or pantsuit. Ideally you should go for a dress with elbow length sleeves so you don’t need an additional jacket. Also ¾ sleeves are most flattering for nearly every body type. Plus these can be worn year round. The length should finish just above or under the knees. Add a little bit of fun with a scarf in a color most flattering for your skin and hair color. For the ultimate impact, your accessories should be in the same color of your choice. Extra tip: combine maximum three colors per outfit.

Need some inspiration? Read The Ultimate Power Dress post.

The skirt suit and pantsuit

Two classics and a safe bet when it comes to looking the part during an interview. Choose an original cut that will give you that little something extra, the something that can make all the difference. My personal advice: stay clear from the classic combination suit with white or light blue button down cotton shirt. The goal is not to look like a woman dressed up as a man, unless that’s your personal style of course. As women we have many options to play with… Let’s make the most of it but keep it simple, appropriate and classy. Consider an interesting top or a blouse in silk or other light, fluid and wrinkle free fabric in the color of your choice.

Make an impact

Now, I’m only focusing on what you’re wearing in this article but as I mentioned, you need both content and packaging to make an impact. So, I’m assuming that you have the required skills and experience for the job on paper.

To convince your interviewer that you’re the right candidate for the job, there’s another very important aspect that you should be aware of: your body language and communication skills. If you know that your experience stress and anxiety during an interview process, ask a friend to do an interview role play with you. Record it, analyze it and train to improve your overall image and presence until you feel unstoppable. This is something I have had to do as well. And trust me, it works…

And remember:

You never get a second chance to make a good first impression!”

Copyright: I spent my time and energy to create original and valuable content. If this article inspired you to write your own article after making some changes, content theft violates people's rights and discourages the creation of new web content. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Innaé Style and

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